World Class Service

World Class Services

The Leader in Perishable Freight

Providing the very best way to forward your perishable freight across the globe, Worldwide Perishables provides world-class service in the following areas:

  • Cooler and Freezer Storage
  • Wet and Dry Re-icing
  • International and Domestic Airfreight
  • Trucking to JFK, EWR and PHL Sun-Thurs
  • Special Container Insulation for extra protective layer
  • Pallet Sanitation to meet EU pesticide standards
  • 24 Temperature Alarm and Security
  • Unit Load Devices
  • Transfer Station
Worldwide Perishables offers world-class global delivery of perishable freight

Temperature Control

Temperature control is a critical element of the supply chain for perishables. Some products, such as fish, are more sensitive to temperature changes than others. With deliveries being made sometimes halfway around the world, temperature must be controlled from the catch through to the counter.